Thursday, April 3, 2014

Interview #2 and new photo!

Yesterday, we had our second visit with our social worker- finally!!!! We had to meet individually and were asked lots of questions about our family and our relationship.  Our CANS (Child abuse and neglect forms) came in today- this is one piece we had been waiting on! CJ and I have been diligently working on adoption education requirements. We listened to a 4.5 hour workshop on the way to the beach and then started another 9.5 hour one.  Great techniques!

Mary Anne, our Dillon social worker sent us some pictures of when Dukkyung was in Korea last month.  Jerri Lynn said, "Aww- she is feeding herself, I guess she won't need me to feed her a bottle."  Tae said,"That is my sister in Korea", Char said, "She is so cute"!

Her foster mom and sister look so, so sweet!  I can't wait to get a video of her in a couple of weeks!

Monday, March 17, 2014

AHRIN photos!

Ahrin's latest pictures- sweet, smiley girl!

Weight 10.6kg Height 80cm Head 46.2cm Chest 45.6cm Teeth 8/8 (2014.02.18) / 20M

First Home Study Visit!

Last Wednesday, we had our first visit from our Lifeline social worker. Her name is Gisella and she was great.  We visited with her for about 2 hours.  She had a tour of our house and asked us lots of questions. When she drove in the driveway, I told her to hurry and come in, because the house is clean and it won't be for long!  Tae and Jerri Lynn were running and bumped into each other and began arguing the minute Gisella came in- so, great first impression!!!

Tuesday night before the home study, Charlie and Jerri Lynn frantically began cleaning and Charlie went outside to move a ladder from the tree back to it's home on the playground because he was concerned it wasn't safe and they wouldn't let us get AhRin.  Then he went to his room and wanted to clean out his closet!  Jerri Lynn wanted everything in her room picked up and made sure all the toys were put away!

CJ and I met today at my good friend Aryn's work. She arranged for us to take CPR and it was only $5!  What a blessing!!!  Then CJ and I got to have a nice lunch together!

We mailed Tae's citizenship papers last week and hope to get his COC (Certificate of Citizenship) soon!  Now, we just have to complete 26 hours of adoption education and meet with Gisella 3 more times and we should be finished!

AhRin- we are doing everything we can to get to you! We love you and pray for you all the time!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Tae is 4!

Last Sunday, our precious Tae turned 4! CJ and I had been gone on a long weekend for an i3 off-site.  It was our first time to get to go on the trip and what a treat it was.  We went to the Biltmore in Asheville, NC.  We stayed in a beautiful hotel, had wonderful dinners and a relaxing spa day! We came home and Ree had made Tae a power ranger cake and had lots of decorations.  You have never seen a little boy so excited!  We played with toys outside, as it was a beautiful day!  Several people called to sing to him and would start singing with them!  It was so cute!

Yesterday, we had his birthday party.  It was the prettiest day we have had all year.  He had lots of his friends and his cousins, Asa and Aaron to celebrate with him! He had an airplane party and loved every single minute of it! Thank you Lord for blessing us with a beautiful day, sweet family and friends to share life with!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Initial paperwork done and Charlie's sacrifice!

Tonight, we finally finished our LONG paperwork for Dillon! I am going to overnight it tomorrow and hopefully, Lifeline is coming on Wednesday to officially begin our home study. CJ and I were fingerprinted at the jail 2 Sundays ago.  We had to take the kids and they were great! It went relatively quickly.  CJ should have his final doctor's visit tomorrow and then we can get moving with getting our girl!  I will feel better once I know we have done all we can on our end to get her here.  The rest is up to God and Korea! Sweet girl, we will be there soon- we love you and pray for you every single day!

Charlie gets to buy lunch at school on Fridays, because it is Papa John's. The price is $3.50. He takes his lunch every other day.  He told me he wants to quit buying lunch on Fridays and save that money to help pay on our adoption for AhRin!  How precious! We are putting his lunch money in a jar and going to see how much he saves! Thank you God for giving him a generous, sacrificial spirit.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Another Snow Day and Paperwork!

We had another snow day!  It snowed over 5 inches yesterday and was so beautiful!  Lots of neighborhood kids came over to our house, because we live by a good hill! We had so much fun and missed Daddy so much.

We received Lifeline's paperwork for our home study and Dillon's- that will keep us busy for a LONG while!  Praying it all happens in God's perfect timing.