Tuesday, June 16, 2015

EP Submit!!- One step closer!

Today, Mary Anne our social worker called and said she had good news!  We FINALLY are submitted for Emmigration Permission. She said our shortest time before we could travel would be 6 months and the longest being 12. Jacie Reese we will be there before you know it!  We love you sweet girl!!

W 12.1 H 89.5 Hd 48.5 Ch 48.2 T 8/8 (May 21, 2015 / 35M)

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Home Study Update and Forget the Frock

We had our home study update today with our social worker.  Kids were so cute- they cleaned up so well and kept saying, "The inspector is coming to see if we can get Jacie!" We have to get medical physicals done again and tons of paperwork.  Adoption is a lot of work, but God uses every part of the journey to refine us. Jacie our heart yearns for you to be home. We love you!

We took this picture today of our family in our "Forget the Frock" shirts! This Easter instead of buying fancy new clothes, we purchased a Forget the Frock, feed an orphan shirt!!  All money went to provide for needs of orphans worldwide!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Jacie Reese's Lunar New Year Celebration!

W 11.9 H 88 Hd 48.2 Ch 48 T 8/8 (Feb 16, 2015 / 32M)

Here is our sweet girl!  She wearing the bow we sent and holding the sippy cup we mailed her:)  Come home- we love you and long for the day we get to meet you!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Jacie Reese AhRin Jacobs

Last week our social worker said that she needed our daughter's name for court paperwork!  Very exciting, but lots of pressure!!!  We finally came up with: Jacie Reese AhRin Jacobs!

Jacie is CJ backwards
Reese after my mom Reesa
AhRin after our nephew (CJ's sister's son) Aaron

We also received the following email concerning our timeline:(

Dear Families~
If you are receiving this email, it means that we've been requested by Eastern to begin preparing your court and EP documentation ;) I know this brings the question from many of you as to when, how soon, how fast? I wish I knew this with certainty but I can tell you that we are still waiting for several files from previous requested batches to be submitted to the Ministry. Those included January-April 2014 cases (meaning their assignment paperwork was sent to Korea during those months). Based on recent time frames, it could take as long as 4-6 months until your case is submitted to the Ministry. From that point, it's been taking approximately 2-3 months for approval, another 1-5 months for a court summons to be issued and then the court date being scheduled 4-8 weeks out.

So, we may travel in 8-16 months- that is toooooooo long!!! Please pray we get our girl home sooner!

We love you Jacie Reese!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

AhRin (pronounced Erin!) 27 months

So, my new Korean friend said AhRin's name is pronounced Erin!!  I put it in google translate and she is right- we have been pronouncing it wrong the whole time!!  We got these pictures a few weeks ago and once again, bittersweet.  She is just precious, but growing up without us.  We are praying that her process his expedited! So cute with a little bow! She is looking at the picture that Jerri Lynn drew her!

New Korean friend!

So, God does cool things all the time! I had read on Facebook about a family that recently adopted a little girl from Korea.  Her transition was going great and she really understood about foster family and newly adopted family.  The reason was, because the mom was Korean, lived in the US, so she could speak Korean to her and ease her grief by being familiar from food, to appearance and most importantly the language.  I read this on a Monday a few weeks ago, so I began praying that God would put someone Korean in our life that could ease this transition for AhRin.  I wanted not just someone that could translate, but someone to be our friend!  On Tuesday, I posted on the Facebook page that I needed someone to take a package to AhRin if anyone was traveling soon.  A lady posted under me: "I need someone to take a package for me too, and it is nice to see someone that lives close to me- I live in Madison." Turns out she is a wonderful Korean lady, whose husband is part Korean and they live in Madison, only 20 minutes from us! God answered our prayer!!! We had lunch the following week and we hope to get together again soon!  Just a little confirmation from God and a huge blessing!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

AhRin 26 months

Our sweet girl- these are some of our favorite pictures!  She loves these ride on toys!!